• About the Vietnam Memorial Monument


    The Michigan Vietnam Monument honors the Michigan residents who served and those who died in the Vietnam War during the 1960s-1975.

    Designed by New York architect Alan Gordon, the monument features an arc-shaped steel wall that is 120 feet long and 10 feet high. It is suspended three feet above the ground, supported by a steel tension cable. 

    The names of casualties from Michigan are listed by county in alphabetical order on 15 lighted plaques made of brushed steel. Names of those Missing in Action (MIA) at the time of construction are bracketed with asterisks. An alphabetical list of names in an engraved book and a scale model are located near the northwest entrance to the monument. At the east end a plaque describes the purpose of the memorial. The years "1959" and "1975" appear on the back side of the steel wall, defining beginning and ending dates. 

    Opposite the wall, an arc-shaped bench includes metal plates to represent casualties from U.S. states and territories, plus those who are unknown. 


    The monument is located in Michigan Veterans Memorial Park, located in downtown Lansing near the Hall of Justice building

    Directions to the park, with a map.

    VMC Mission Statement 

    The Michigan Vietnam Monument Project is an opportunity to recognize, honor, and learn from both the Michigan residents who served, and from those who, by death, missing in action, or prisoner of war sacrificed their life in Vietnam. 

    The Monument is intended to provide a place for future generations to reflect upon America's longest and most controversial war, one that divided the nation, and was fought by soldiers whose average was 19 years. 

    Completion of construction will continue the healing process for the Vietnam veterans, their family members, and the countless numbers of individuals and organizations who were profoundly affected by this war. 

    The monument's dedication will provide the "welcome home" 

    Bypassed during the turmoil of that time. To this end we dedicate our labors, 

    And invite the State and the Nation to join in this task. 

    Michigan Vietnam Monument Commissioners 
    November 11, 2001