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Michigan Women's Commission

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Michigan Women's Commission

Women’s Economic Recovery Tour

Join Governor Gretchen Whitmer and the Michigan Women’s Commission as we travel the state on our Women’s Economic Recovery Tour!

The Women's Economic Recovery Tour will highlight Michigan’s investments in opportunities for women to thrive in our workforce, our communities and our families. We will share details about the current status of women in Michigan’s workforce and the policies and programs currently available to help women to fully participate in our economy. Watch our virtual kick-off with Governor Whitmer

Upcoming tour dates to be announced!

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2019-2020 Gender Equity Conversations

From Fall 2019 until the COVID-19 pandemic cancelled in-person events in Spring 2020, the Michigan Women’s Commission and Governor Whitmer held conversations with women around the state to hear what they believe are the most pressing issues they face. The women overwhelmingly cited economic security issues as their top concerns. Pay equity, affordable and accessible child care, and a pathway to higher paying jobs were consistently prioritized—and this was before the pandemic put a glaring spotlight on these issues. The Commission used these Gender Equity Conversations to craft our current initiatives. View the summaries from our Community Conversations.

Addressing the inequalities that prevent Michigan women's financial freedom.

Women in Michigan have made considerable advances in economic status in recent years, but still face inequities that often prevent them from reaching their full potential. Persistent earnings inequality for working women translates into lower pay, less family income, and more children and families in poverty. The Financial Freedom Committee is focusing on actions to close gaps and increase access to income. Examples include pay equity, salary transparency, access to education/training for higher-paying jobs, micro-loans/business incentives for women-owned businesses, and a living wage.

Bringing more diverse experiences and perspectives to the table through the visible, authentic leadership of Michigan women.

The number of women serving in leadership positions in Michigan at all levels in business, non-profits and elected ranks are sorely lacking. The Visible Authentic Leadership Committee is exploring policies that will increase the number of women serving in publicly visible leadership roles across sectors. Examples include incentives for promoting more women into corporate executive leadership, increasing the number of women serving on corporate, foundation and nonprofit boards, and encouraging more women to run for elected office at all levels of government.

#KnowYourRights: Fostering Access, Rights and Equity (FARE)

In the Fall of 2021, the U.S. Department of Labor Women's Bureau awarded the Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity (LEO) a Fostering Access, Rights and Equity (FARE) Grant to help women workers who earn low wages understand and access their employment rights and benefits. Learn more about #KnowYourRights: Fostering Access, Rights and Equity (FARE) in Michigan.

MI Tri-Share Child Care

MI Tri-Share Child Care (Tri-Share) is an innovative approach to increasing access to high quality, affordable child care for working families, while also helping to retain talent and removing one major barrier to employment.

Minimizing the implicit biases present in ourselves, our work and policymaking.

The Committee on Implicit Bias is an internal oversight committee to provide ongoing learning opportunities for Commissioners to identify, acknowledge and minimize implicit bias in themselves and within the Michigan Women’s Commission, and to develop a common language and lens to guide the Commission’s work and policy recommendations. When appropriate, these learning opportunities will be shared with policymakers and the public. 

Unlocking opportunities for more Michigan women to fully participate in the workforce.

Michigan women face several barriers that often prevent full and continuous participation in the workforce. Most of these barriers come from the costs – in time, dollars and energy – of caregiving for others. The Unlocking Opportunities Committee is pursuing initiatives to eliminate these barriers to work choice. Examples include increasing the availability of and access to affordable child care, expanding paid parental leave across employment sectors and status, and introducing additional caregiver paid leave options. 


The Michigan Women's Commission meets every quarter at locations throughout Michigan. Join us! We'd love to meet you!

The Michigan Women's Commission will hold its 2022 public meetings on January 25 (canceled), April 12, August 9 and October 18. Meeting details and information about how to participate will be posted at least ten days in advance of each meeting.

View August 2022 meeting notice.

The Commission's next public meeting is scheduled for August 9, 2022 and is intended to be held in Traverse City. 

If you want to attend an in-person meeting and need accommodations to do so, please contact the Michigan Relay Center at (800) 649-3777 or email