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Child Care Providers

Photograph of a teacher helping a student

Child Care Providers

Financial considerations you can count on

  • Payment for child care is made directly to you through the Tri-Share facilitator hub.
  • Your business is stabilized through consistent payments.
  • MI Tri-Share hub helps you find new customers.

Happier families. Happier kids. Happier providers.

With MI Tri-Share, families pay 66% less for the cost of child care — a significant savings and a welcome financial relief. Plus, the family has the power to choose which licensed child care provider they prefer — an empowering, guiding principle of Tri-Share that can improve their work-life-family balance and result in a happier experience with your business.

Tri-Share supports your business in other ways, too

  • Reducing out-of-pocket costs for child care means new customers for your child care business.
  • Tri-Share supports before and after care for school-aged children, summer care and part-time and full-time child care, as long as the providers are licensed.
  • Eligible child care providers may reside outside the designated region of the hub.