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Academy Staff


Mr. Michael W. Gillum
Position: Director
Ms. Linda O’Keefe
Position: Secretary
Phone: 800-372-0523
Ms. Anica Jankowski Simmons
Position: Deputy Director
Mr. Michael Krajnik
Position: Departmental Analyst
Phone: 269-968-1230



Ms. Yolandra Jones
Position: Counselor
Phone: 269-968-1048
Ms. Stacy Guinn
Position: Admissions Coordinator
Phone: 269-968-1294
Ms. Joan Miller
Position: MYCA Recruiter - West Side of MI
Phone: 269-968-1368
Ms. Jennifer Stowell
Position:  MJCP Class Advisor
Phone:  269-223-2024
Mr. Spencer Lawson  
Position:  Class Advisor
Phone:  269-968-1086
Mr. Frank Vasquez
Position: MYCA Recruiter - East Side of MI
Phone: 269-968-1397
Mr. Adam Reincke
Position: Class Advisor
Phone: 269-968-1421
Ms. Kitty Mitchell
Position:  Class Advisor
Phone:  269-968-1089
Ms. Janet Dadow
Position:  Counselor
Phone:  269-968-1203
Mr. Zachary Lumkin
Position:  Counselor
Phone:  269-968-1049


COMMANDANT Nathan Boggerty
Phone 269-968-1185
MSG Vacant
Position: MSG Training NCO
Phone: 269-968-1176
MSG Ken Roach
Position:  MSG Operations
Phone:  269-968-1254
MSG Jamie Hoaglin
Position: 3rd Platoon
Phone: 517-282-8488
MSG Juvy Guico
Position: 1st Platoon
Phone:  269-223-9993
MSG Raynard Dukes
Position:  2nd Platoon
Phone:  517-202-9280


Sgt. Jason Hawkins

Tele:  269-968-1227



Ms. Catherine Seppa
Position: Nurse
Phone: 269-968-1017


ARNG Recruiter

SSG Jeff Castle

Tele:  269-532-8720