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  • side view of elk in Outdoor Adventure Center with trees and OAC sign in background Majestic Elk Entrance

    As you enter the OAC's exhibit areas, meet Michigan's majestic elk, a conservation success story. Learn about where elk live, what they eat, how you can view them in the wild, and how the DNR manages this species.

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  • OAC Fire Circle, with fire pit, stone bench and monitor that plays orientation video, view 1 Fire Circle

    Have a seat by the campfire and get ready for your Outdoor Adventure Center expedition as you watch a short welcome video.

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  • Man and kids learn about Detroit River shipbuilding history in Outdoor Adventure Center exhibit Detroit, the River and the Globe Building

    Understand the legacy of the Detroit River, the Globe Building and their connections to Michigan manufacturing. Discover the Detroit River's recreational opportunities and learn about the history of shipping on the river and aquatic invasive species and how we can prevent them. Meet historical figures with ties to the river, and find out about the history of the building now known as the Outdoor Adventure Center.

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  • lady and two boys get an up-close look at the Outdoor Adventure Center aquarium Underwater Michigan

    Michigan has more fresh water than any other state, and a huge variety of aquatic life, including 154 different species of fish. Identify some of these fish, swimming in our aquarium. Learn more about aquatic invasive species, and the threatened and endangered native species they jeopardize. Find out how the DNR protects, rehabilitates and enhances Michigan's fish populations, and discover what a big deal fishing is to Michigan's economy!

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  • Visitors inside of the yurt replica at the Outdoor Adventure Center, girls on top of bunkbed Overnight Lodging

    Step inside our yurt, complete with bunk beds and other furnishings, and learn about all the ways you can stay overnight in one of the state parks throughout Michigan. Sit back in an Adirondack chair and watch a video showing state park lodging options, from tents and RVs to lodges, cabins, yurts and even teepees. See and hear what visitors have had to say about their state park visits through entries in our guest journals.

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  • young boy, holding paddle, tries out kayaking simulator at Outdoor Adventure Center Michigan's Rivers and Lakes

    Michigan has 11,000 inland lakes, more freshwater shoreline than any other state in the nation, tens of thousands of miles of rivers and streams, and more than 3,000 miles of water trails - all yours to enjoy! Discover how as you step into a fishing boat, reel in a big fish and learn about Michigan's world-class fishing opportunities and paddle down a river in our kayaking simulator.

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  • mom helps young boy cross rocks in pond at bottom of Outdoor Adventure Center waterfall Waterfall and Underground Mine

    Walk behind and touch an indoor waterfall to get a glimpse of what it's like to visit one of Michigan's 150 waterfalls. Then cross a pond over stones and, as you travel through an underground cave, learn about our state's geology, the valuable natural resources that are under the ground, and Michigan mining.

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  • Visitors sitting on bench and looking at video screen in sand dune exhibit Sand Dunes

    Michigan is home to the world's largest collection of freshwater sand dunes along the shores of Lake Michigan, many within our state parks.

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  • Outdoor Adventure Center duck blind exhibit, , view 2 Duck Blind

    Climb into our duck blind and learn more about Michigan's waterfowl and wetlands.

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  • Two teenage girls using Wilderness Discovery app on tablets in OAC tower blind exhibit Tower Blind

    Cross the suspension bridge and experience being hidden in an elevated hunting blind, spotting game and other wildlife from above. Learn about the different types of blinds that hunters use to stay hidden from their prey.

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  • Teacher leading group of kids into beaver dam at the Outdoor Adventure Center Beaver Lodge and Wetland

    Step inside a beaver lodge and across lily pads as you learn how a wetland works. Meet nature’s wetland engineer, beavers, who build dams and create wetlands. Walk through a marsh and find out how wetlands improve water quality by naturally filtering out pollution, help prevent flooding, and provide important fish and wildlife habitat.

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  • close-up of owl in trees in pine forest area of Outdoor Adventure Center Pine Forest and Trails

    Walk into a pine forest and along our forest trail as you learn about Michigan's forests and their history. You'll also find out about how the DNR maintains thriving forests, how they support tens of thousands of jobs and contribute billions of dollars to our economy, and how their land and water are full of wildlife.

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  • young boy and girl cooking pretend food over campfire in Outdoor Adventure Center campsite exhibit Campsite

    Climb into a tent, relax, sit by the campfire and imagine biting into some s'mores! Learn more about rustic camping - a great, inexpensive way for families to spend time outdoors year-round. Most Michigan state forest campgrounds are located on a river or lake, so the fun can continue with fishing, boating and paddling.

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  • children playing on Big Tree play structure at Outdoor Adventure Center Big Tree

    Experience our 35-foot-tall bur oak tree from top to bottom. Explore what lies under, and slide down, giant tree roots and look through a lightning-strike fissure. Peek into a bear den and learn about Michigan's black bears. Then climb to the second story and check out the inside of the tree trunk, the net climb and a suspension bridge. Learn about the importance of trees for wildlife and for Michigan's economy. 

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  • two boys try out the hunting simulator at the Outdoor Adventure Center Hunting and Trapping Traditions

    Explore our state's hunting and trapping heritage and what these traditions mean to Michigan residents. Give hunting a try with a laser shot simulator and identify mammals by examining their fur. Learn about how hunting funds conservation, contributes $2 billion a year to the state's economy and is a critical tool for biologists to manage wildlife populations.

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  • girl rides snowmobile simulator at the Outdoor Adventure Center Hit the Trail

    Discover the possibilities along Michigan trails! Hop on one of our simulators and experience what it's like to ride a snowmobile, off-road vehicle or mountain bike. With more than 13,000 miles of trails in Michigan, some in urban areas, there's something for everyone.

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  • inside view of Outdoor Adventure Center airplane, with instrument panel, controls, pilot seat Airplane - DNR in the Sky

    Climb aboard an airplane and see how the DNR uses planes to fight wildfires, monitor and manage wildlife like moose and elk, and find trees being damaged by invasive forest pests. See real video of fighting wildfires and spotting wildlife and learn about how you can help prevent wildfires. 

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  • Woman looking at Outdoor Adventure Center garden exhibit Nature in Your Neighborhood

    See how small, everyday living changes, like reducing your water and electricity use and recycling, can benefit you and the environment. Discover how kitchen waste and rainwater contribute to a healthier backyard environment for your family and neighborhood wildlife and how to attract birds and bats to your backyard.

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  • Exhibit about citizen science at Outdoor Adventure Center Citizen Science

    Contribute to scientific studies by collecting data about plants, animals and insects in your community. Contribute to citizen science by practicing your bird identification skills. Observe honeybees in action by watching a livestream from our hives. Learn more about surveying for frogs and toads by listening to their calls.

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  • Women look at video screens in eagle exhibit at Outdoor Adventure Center Treetop

    Stand in an eagle's nest and snap a souvenir photo of your group, then fly over areas in Michigan and the city of Detroit to get an eagle's-eye view.

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  • Under the Radar - DNR Outdoor Adventure Center