Teachers: Register for one of the Outdoor Adventure Center's virtual school programs

Register online for a virtual field trip.

Allow us to visit you virtually! Choose from our list of virtual school program offerings to help keep your students engaged with Michigan’s natural resources and the outdoors this school year. See our current offerings below, which include programs for grades pre-K through 12. The experience will be live with one of our educators, and will be approximately 45 minutes in length.

Programs are NGSS-aligned, and additional pre- and post-lesson resources will be included. Each program session of no more than 40 students costs $40, paid in advance by check or charge (preferred). An educator will contact the teacher to discuss delivery details for the virtual experience prior to confirmation.

Choose from one of these programs:

Animal ABC’s (pre-K)
Practice letters and spelling virtually with Michigan wildlife! Learn about Michigan species and the differences between mammals, birds and reptiles through stories, rhymes and virtual exploration of their characteristics featuring a few of the OAC’s live animals. We’ll also discuss differences between wild and domestic animals.

Wild in Michigan (grades K-2)
All animals have the same basic survival needs – food, water, shelter and space – the components that make up a habitat. In this virtual program we’ll take a closer look at several Michigan wildlife species, from mammals to birds to reptiles, and compare and contrast some of their specific habitat needs.

Trappers and Traders (grades 3-5)
Detroit was founded in 1701 as a fur-trading post in the wilderness. Join us for a virtual exploration the abundant natural resources and the lives of both Native Americans and settlers during that time, featuring footage of some historical locations and land features that we can observe in the area today.

Great Lakes Invaders (grades 3-5)
What does it mean to be invasive? How are invasive species in the Great Lakes different from our native species? We’ll answer these questions and more while we introduce several of our Great Lakes invaders in our virtual program. We will also have the chance to meet one of our most destructive invaders – the sea lamprey.

Migration Science – Featuring Southeast Michigan Osprey (grades 6-8)
Bird migration is an absolutely incredible feat, but to make the journey, migratory birds still require the basic needs – food, water, shelter, and space – as they migrate. How do birds know where to fly? How do they know where to stop for food and rest? How have humans impacted bird migration over the last several decades? We’ll answer these questions and more in our virtual program, as we take a closer look at one local migratory species – the osprey. We’ll track the migratory journeys of actual osprey, and see how local biologists have used technology to track their migration.

White-tailed Deer – Coming to a Neighborhood Near You! (grades 9-12)
Have you been seeing more of Michigan’s state mammal in your community? You’re not alone! Numbers of white-tailed deer have gone up significantly in recent years – especially in our cities and suburbs. Join us to take a look at the reasons behind this increase, its ecological impact and the unique challenges this mammal has created for citizens, municipalities and wildlife managers in Michigan’s urban areas.