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Access to CPS Information

Individuals often contact the OCO with questions about confidential Children’s Protective Services (CPS) investigation of alleged child abuse or neglect. The individuals listed below may request a copy of the confidential CPS records from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services:

•             A parent or legal guardian.

•             An adult who resides in a child’s home.

•             A person suspected of abusing or neglecting a child.

•             A doctor treating a child suspected of being abused or neglected.


Even if an individual is entitled to receive a copy of the confidential CPS records, some information contained in the records may be redacted. The following is a list of information that may be redacted.  This is not an exhaustive list and redactions may include more information:

•             The identity of the person who complained to CPS about suspected child abuse or neglect.

•             Information describing an ongoing criminal investigation.

•             Medical and mental health treatment information.

•             Domestic violence information.

•             Substance abuse treatment information.