Foster Home Licensure Waiver

In exceptional circumstances, a waiver may be requested for a relative caregiver to forgo licensure when it is determined to be in the child's best interest to be placed or remain with an unlicensed relative caregiver. The following conditions must be met and documented for a request to waive licensing:

- The relative home meets the minimal safety requirements as verified in the Initial Relative Safety Screen (DHS-588) 

-  Home Study Outline (DHS-197) recommends placement.

- The extensive efforts made to engage the relative in the licensing process.

- The relative's provision of permanency for the child.

- The relative does not agree to licensure.

If the waiver is not approved, the relative caregiver must become a licensed foster home, or the child must be moved within 30 days to a relative willing and able to become licensed or to an unrelated licensed foster home.