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Access to CPS Information

Members of the general public often contact the OCO with questions about a Children’s Protective Services (CPS) investigation of alleged child abuse or neglect. Some of the individuals who contact the OCO may request CPS records, which document the actions taken during an investigation. CPS records are confidential, but certain individuals may obtain copies of CPS case files upon request. Among those who may obtain copies of CPS case files are:

  • A parent or legal guardian.

  • An adult who resides in a child’s home.

  • A person suspected of abusing or neglecting a child.

  • A doctor treating a child suspected of being abused or neglected.


Even if an individual is entitled to receive a copy of a CPS case file, some information contained in the case file may be deleted. The following information may be deleted from a CPS case file before it is provided to you:

  • The identity of the person who complained to CPS about suspected child abuse or neglect.

  • Information describing an ongoing criminal investigation.

  • Medical and mental health treatment information.

  • Domestic violence information.

  • Substance abuse treatment information.

If you are eligible to receive CPS records, present your driver’s license or other personal identification card and a written request for the records to the local Department of Health & Human Services office.