Global Michigan - Refugee Services announces funding opportunity for the Refugee Health Promotion program

The Office of Global Michigan seeks proposals statewide for the Refugee Health Promotion program.

The purpose of RHP funding is to integrate health equity into a sustainable refugee resettlement model, through supporting holistic health and emotional wellness, health literacy, and equitable access to ongoing health services among refugees and other ORR-eligible populations. The goal of the RHP program is to promote the health and well-being of ORR-eligible populations. RHP funding can be used to deliver a wide range of health services for ORR-eligible populations; bidders should use this opportunity to identify priority populations with urgent medical concerns, and design RHP programs that coordinate and promote local health and mental health services. This RFP is intended to encourage partnerships and collaborations with community-based organizations and to complement, not duplicate, existing care coordination strategies (i.e., Medicaid, Refugee Medical Screening, Preferred Communities, etc.).

See the full Request for Proposal for additional details, and contact and submission information. Submissions are due by July 9th.