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About Refugee Services

Michigan has always been one of the most welcoming states in the country.  Its residents are compassionate people recognizing the importance of human dignity for all people.  Building this well-being for people is much like a construction project.  It requires resources, expertise, and collaboration.  Building a successful, thriving community requires the same things.  Michigan's Refugee Services programs provide refugees with the resources they need to rebuild their lives in order to survive, thrive, and contribute.

The State of Michigan's Refugee Services program is located in the Office of Global Michigan. Global Michigan's Refugee Services program and its staff supports the effective resettlement and integration of refugees in Michigan, ensuring their basic needs are met upon arrival so that they can live in dignity and achieve their highest potential.

Global Michigan's Refugee Services program staff:

  • Ensures coordination of all public and private resources in refugee resettlement in the State
  • Ensures access to mainstream programs for people with refugee and other humanitarian statuses
  • Distributes and oversees federal dollars to local agencies for direct service provision
  • Provides education and information about our new neighbors in Michigan