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The Commission on Middle Eastern American Affairs (CMEAA) was created to empower, promote, and advance the Middle Eastern American community in the State of Michigan. Housed in the Office of Global Michigan, the 15-member commission advises the Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity and the Governor’s Executive Office on issues relating to the Middle Eastern American communities in Michigan. The Commission’s work also includes promoting the cultural, economic, and social contributions of the Middle Eastern Community in Michigan, enhancing economic opportunity, and preventing discrimination.

Commissioners are appointed by the Governor to terms of four years and must meet as a commission no less than four times a year. The executive directors of the Office of Global Michigan and the Michigan Department of Civil Rights serve as ex officio, non-voting members of the Commission. The Commission’s Chair is appointed by the governor, with other officers elected by the Commission.

Governor Whitmer Commission Appointments

Contact Information:
(248) 208-5843