Teacher/Counselor Resources

  • Suicide Prevention - Holding On To Life

    When a person is in crisis, family members may have many questions. This toolkit is designed to provide some answers. While no one can guarantee someone else's safety, this information may help you feel more confident and better prepared to give the care and attention your loved one needs through this challenging time.

    The toolkit is designed for the family member of a person 15-24 years of age who is experiencing a difficult time in his/her life. If your loved one is a different age, you will likely still find this information helpful.

OK2SAY Ambassador Program

  • Students who do not feel safe at school have a harder time reaching their academic potential. OK2SAY is available to support your efforts by providing activities and ideas to help bring positive change in the school. Consider having your students take the pledge and use OK2SAY to bring kindness, inclusion, and awareness activities into your school.

    Schools that send us an email and tell us (or show us with an audio or visual attachment) how they implement the OK2SAY Ambassador Program will receive recognition and some OK2SAY t-shirts for the staff/students.

    Here are some questions to help you spark thoughtful discussion after an OK2SAY presentation:

OK2SAY Discussion Questions