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School Resources

OK2SAY kids Banner

School Resources

4K Digital Signage Graphics

Download our 4K digital signage graphics to promote OK2SAY. Feel free to resize if required for your digital signage platform.

Lift Them Up 4k
4K No Excuse Digital Signage
4K Stressed or Overwhelmed Digital Signage

Social Media Graphics

OK2SAY Facebook Social Media Graphics

Facebook Graphic (1200x630 pixels)

Instagram OK2SAY social media

Instagram Graphic
(1080x1080 pixels)

OK2SAY Twitter Social Media Graphics

Twitter Graphic
(1200x628 pixels)

LinkedIn OK2SAY Social Media

LinkedIn Graphic
(1200x627 pixels)


Posters for Digital Printing

Stressed or Overwhelmed Poster
Lift them up Poster
Concerned? Poster
Struggle poster
Stand Up for others - Superhero Poster
Stand Up for Others - Strong - Poster
I am somebody
Stand Up Poster
Do whats right poster