Michigan Legacy Application Modernization Planning (MiLAMP)

DTMB created the Michigan Legacy Application Modernization Planning (MiLAMP) which is a toolset that provides a standardized, repeatable process for Legacy Application Modernization Lifecycle management. This process provides a comprehensive framework which gathers and analyzes legacy data to create a legacy modernization replacement roadmap. Legacy is defined as applications, systems, technologies, and solution/security architectures that are using sunset, frozen, unsupported, or deprecated technologies and architectures as defined by DTMB Policies and Standards and the EA Technology Roadmap. Legacy project prioritization, selection and replacement occur through ongoing strategic discussions between DTMB and the client agencies. The overall goal of legacy modernization is to improve technology to better serve State of Michigan departments, citizens, local units of government and all project stakeholders in a cost effective manner.


Michigan Legacy Application Modernization Planning Current Fiscal Year Project Sta Michigan Legacy Application Modernization Planning Target Completion per Fiscal Ye Michigan Legacy Application Modernization Planning Current Fiscal Year Project Sta


Client Status Project Name Planned
Finish Date
DEQ - Department of Environmental Quality
DEQ - Remediation Information Data Exchange (RIDE) In House Development
The Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) is responsible for protecting the environment from contamination. The purpose of this project is to develop a solution to replace functionality currently available in two legacy systems which assists DEQ in the monitoring and cleanup of environmental contamination sites.
5/6/2022 Laura Birchmeier Dan Sellepack Kathy Shirey
DEQ - Office of Drinking Water and Municipal Assistance
DEQ - DWMAD IT Modernization Project
Phase 1 of the DWMAD IT Modernization Project will be the RFP phase. Phase 1 will determine the best solution for the modernization efforts.
6/30/2019 Kyle Field Manny Rosales Jennifer Merricle
DNR - Department of Natural Resources
DNR - Land Ownership Tracking System (LOTS) Rewrite
The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has a Land Ownership Tracking System (LOTS), which tracks the ownership of state land, minerals and state land subject to mineral leasing. LOTS also tracks DNR deed registry, abstract of title for state-owned land and revenue generated from the sales of land and mineral leasing. The current LOTS application framework is outdated and is no longer supported by the Department on Technology, Management and Budget (DTMB). To remedy this situation, MDNR is seeking to consolidate LOTS, Payment in Lieu of Taxes (PILT), and Swamp Tax into one elegantly-designed solution, architected in the Microsoft .NET framework, and conforms to the State's Next Generation Digital Infrastructure (NGDI).
3/8/2019 Robin Krzciok Mike Cooley Mike Michalek
DNR - Forest Resources Division
DNR - Fire-PC Rewrite
Forest Resources Division (FRD) uses this application to track data about wildfires in Michigan. This enhancement will allow FRD to move to a web-based system that automates prescribed burn planning and integrates with the MiCaRS/Sigma accounting system via web services.
3/29/2019 Robin Krzciok Lisa Hartstuff Lou Ann Fedewa
DNR - Forest Resources Division
DNR - VMS 5, 6, 7 and OLB 3.0
Completes the implementation of the Vegetative Management System by completing VMS 5, 6, 7 and Online Bidding (OLB 3.0). This will bring the DNR Forest Resources Division's Timber Sale processes up to latest business functionalities and integrating various accounting functionalities. The VMS system has been implemented in a series of phases to address changing needs in functionality, as well as enhancements supported by more modern technology.  “VMS 4” is the current phase in production and continues to be used in parallel to functionality still only supported in T-Sale.  In preparation for continuing VMS phases, and the decommissioning of T-Sale, the DNR completed requirements and functional design activities for “VMS 5” in 2015, followed by requirements and functional design activities for “VMS 6” in 2016.  “VMS 7” is included in this scope, however, full requirements or functional specifications have not yet been done for the VMS 7 functionality.

5/26/2021 Robin Krzciok Lisa Hartstuff Doug Heym
DOS - Department of State
MDOS - CARS - Customer and Automotive Records System - Legacy Modernization
The Legacy Modernization Program will modernize and integrate all of Driver and Vehicle systems into newer platforms along with new hardware infrastructure.
10/21/2019 Linda Clarke Nathan Buckwalter Joe Szpond
DOS - Department of State
MDOS - QVF Refresh
The Qualified Voter File (QVF) system is a critical and public facing service that the MDOS Bureau of Elections provides to 83 County clerks and close to 1,000 local officials to continually track and update voter registration files for over 7 million voters and to support/administer all elections within the State of Michigan. The original QVF system was first developed and deployed in the late 1990s.  The objective of this project is to refresh the current architecture and software platform (Delphi) to a supported DTMB application standard and update the user interface. It is also to make sure that the current vendor support is a sustainable model for QVF system with its suite of applications such as QVF, QVF-GUI, QVF-Lite, E-Wizard, Street Index and Electronic Poll Book along with hardware and database components.
12/31/2019 Mike Kelley Nathan Buckwalter Sally Williams
DTMB-SBO - State Budget Office
SBO - Project SIGMA
This project is the State of Michigan's Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) business process and software implementation, a major initiative focused on replacing Michigan's enterprise-wide financial systems. It involves the replacement of the Michigan Administrative Information Network Financial Administration and Control System (MAIN FACS), Data Collection Distribution System (DCDS), Mi Time and Expense (MiTES), Buy4Michigan, iTRAC and other Agency specific systems, improvements to the Business Objects system and the implementation of a technology enabled budget development solution. MAIN was implemented in 1994 and is considered an outdated system overdue for replacement. SIGMA will replace it with a modern, highly efficient, user friendly, and more effective system. SIGMA will bring significant improvements to a vast number of processes currently in use in virtually every aspect and segment of Michigan government.  These improvements will greatly enhance:

• Budget Preparation at all levels of State government

• The manner in which many State of Michigan employees perform specific job duties

• Financial reporting resources and capabilities

• The transparency of Michigan government financial operations due to improved reporting

• The process of interfacing with other systems that cannot be incorporated into SIGMA

The benefits realized with SIGMA will be many.  The State's budgeting, accounting and reporting processes will be based on current technology and capabilities, with upgrades available as needed for the foreseeable future.
4/30/2019 Jill Redinger Jack Harris Michael Moody
e-MI - e-Michigan
Michigan.GOV Web Content Management System (WCMS) Requirements
Develop requirements for the replacement for Vignette,  the web content management system (WCMS) that supports the Michigan.gov portal.  The current CMS support has been sunset. 
12/21/2018 Scott Reynolds Eric Swanson Suzanne Pauley
IS - Telecom
IS-Telecom Wireless Access Points (WAP)s
Wireless Access Points - (WAP)s - Next-generation secure network access allows you to gain awareness of everything hitting your network and will provide access consistently and efficiently. It will relieve the stress of complex access management.  Additionally it stops and contains threats which will reduce risks and contain threats by dynamically controlling network access.
1/3/2020 Gregory Russo David Wilson David Wilson
LARA - Construction Codes (BCC)
LARA - BCC - Builders Licenses
Modernize the builders licenses from L2K to the Accela platform.
9/12/2019 Katherine Russman Stu Willard Kim Gaedeke
LARA - Michigan Occupational Safety & Health Administration (MIOSHA)
LARA - MIOSHA - Radiation Safety Data Tracking System
The MIOSHA – Radiation Safety Data System (RSDS) will be combining 4 separate functioning but outdated processes into one web based system using the newest technologies.  The new system will provide following functionality: Workflow, Facility Registration, Facility and Machine Maintenance, Plan Review, Inspections, Online/Offline Payment, Interfaces with C3 Cepas and Sigma, and Legacy Data Conversion and migration.
2/28/2019 Jana Rolston Stu Willard Barton Pickelman
LARA - Professional Licensing (BPL)
LARA - BPL - MiPLUS (Michigan Professional Licensing User System) Ph 2
Phase 2 of the BPL MiPLUS project will migrate 10 licenses from the L2K platform and add licensing functionality for 2 additional regulated professions recently assigned to LARA.   This work will be accomplished within the second of a series of Agile projects.
8/6/2019 Debbi Simon Stu Willard Kim Gaedeke
LARA - Worker's Compensation Agency (WCA)
Planned go-live dates:  Rel. II - Feb. 28, 2020; Rel. III - June 30, 2020; Rel IV - Sept. 30, 2020.  This project will replace the following Workers' Compensation systems with an integrated .NET web application: WORCS, Self Insurance, Health Care Services/Vocational Rehabilitation, Compensation Supplemental Fund, Contested Case Management, Benefit Calculation Tool, Medical Benefits Fund and First Responder Presumed Coverage Fund.
10/30/2020 Mike Konzman Stu Willard Kim Gaedeke
LOTT - Lottery
LOTT - Charitable Gaming Information System (CGIS) Replacement
Replace current Charitable Gaming Legacy XGEN system. Considerations will include Audit functions currently managed in Capstone and integration to HP TRIM document management system.
1/31/2020 Aaron Dickason Richard Znidarsic Kathie Oviedo
MDARD - Michigan Dept of Agriculture Rural Development
MDARD - Agencywide Licensing and Inspection System Program
 The objective of the program is to build a state of the art consolidated licensing & inspection system to handle 40 different types of licensing and 80,000 inspections annually conducted by the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD). A key feature of this effort is also to provide online self-service capabilities to the citizens of Michigan for their Licensing needs.
6/30/2021 Richard(Rick) Stankiewicz Manny Rosales George Noonan
MDCR - Civil Rights
MDCR - Civil Rights Information System (CRIS)
This modernization project will replace Michigan Department of Civil Rights' circa-1998 legacy system as well as outdated databases and spread-sheet applications. The new agency-wide system will include case tracking and management and document management supporting the Department’s goal of moving toward a paperless office.
5/31/2019 Timothy Palmer Tiziana Galeazzi Mary Engelman
MDHHS - Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities Administration
MDHHS - Electronic Medical Business Record System (EMBRS) Billing and Patient Accounts Modules
The Michigan Department of Community Health operates five state hospitals with the capacity to care for almost 1,000 patients. The EMBRS project was initiated to upgrade the technology at these five hospitals and automate the medical records of patients. Using EMBRS, patient information can be accessed electronically, and it includes demographics, legal status, hospital center, health history, health care provided, court information and billing activities.  The purpose of this project is to implement the patient billings and accounts modules of EMBRS.
3/8/2019 Trevor Sweet Kimberly Koppsch-Woods Cynthia Kelly
MDHHS - Central Office
MDHHS - Enterprise PMO - SIGMA Post-Implementation Fixes
The purpose of MDHHS - SIGMA Post-Implementation Fixes is to make system changes that will fix MDHHS system interactions with SIGMA. This will include enhancements to multiple MDHHS systems. Business system owners and MDHHS executive management will determine business benefit of making enhancements to individual systems.
12/30/2019 Mary Brennan Judy Odett Steve Bendele
MDHHS - Department of Community Health
MDHHS - Enterprise PMO - Alert System Rewrite
This solution will create a new responsive design web application for use on SOM desktop computers and tablets and a new mobile application for use on Agency iPhones. The web application will allow authorized submitters to create an “agency alerts” which then can be received and viewed by MDHHS executives using a mobile application to provide timely and secure notification of the alert. The user authentication for both the web application and mobile application will be provided by MiLogin. The existing Agency Alert MySQL database will be converted to Microsoft SQL Server (MS SQL) per DTMB technology standards.
1/11/2019 Jeffery Burpee Judy Odett Janet Berry
MDHHS - Enterprise PMO
MDHHS - Enterprise PMO - Lifeline Eligibility Database (LED)
This project allows Michigan to join others states to provide the National Verifier Lifeline Eligibility Database (LED) the information used to make an eligibility decisions for a potential Lifeline subscriber or to recertify the eligibility of an existing Lifeline subscriber.  This will accomplished through a webservice which can be called by the USAC LED. It modernizes the process by with a DHHS client is determined eligible for a Lifeline phone using SNAP, Medicaid and SSI data from the MDHHS Data Warehouse.
6/4/2019 Mrinalini Lankala Judy Odett Danielle Wager
MDHHS - Enterprise PMO
MDHHS - Enterprise PMO - Ri-PCR19580-Hub NGDI Migration
The current IIB, obfuscation and build servers are hosted in legacy data centers. This change is to install and configure IIB, MQ 8.4 and WAS to the new NGDI (Next Generation Digital Infrastructure) servers, deploy Hub code base, configure and deploy reports, set-up Dynatrace on IIB servers, set-up QRADAR on IIB servers, point existing DataPower Appliances to these servers and decommission the legacy servers once the existing functionality has been validated and signed-off by all service consumers.

The cloud infrastructure will allow us to scale to support the BRIDGES Modernization Project and the ISD Year 2 Project.

Additionally, an Oracle driver for IIB app server is no longer supported. Without the upgrade, Oracle will not provide support for any production failures.
3/29/2019 Mrinalini Lankala John Moore Kathy Pabst
MDHHS - Free Range PMO
MDHHS - BPH - Web EBC Application Upgrade - 7095 (18-PH-3)
This application is critical to MDHHS’s Electronic Birth Certificate (EBC) processing and related services. At minimum, the application will need to enable its continued operation with its current functionality and performance. The existing application will soon be an unsupported technology platform, which needs to be updated or replaced by a State of Michigan / DTMB recommended platform, along with other needed application supporting technologies. The Web EBC (Electronic Birth Certificate) system went into production in October of 2007.  In addition to live birth registration, Web EBC supports paternity establishment within the birthing hospital, and the reporting of fetal deaths and birth defects as required by law. Mainstream support for this operating system by Microsoft ended on 1/13/2015 and extended support will terminate on 1/14/2020.  Loss of this system will have a wide impact on the need for rapidly available newborn data across a wide range of MDHHS program areas. Web EBC is accessed by approximately 300 users in 90+ hospitals in Michigan, to report approximately 120,000 births/year.  Additionally around 5-7 internal users access the system. Loss of functionality available through Web EBC would have a substantial impact on live birth reporting generally and on several MDHHS program areas.  It would also result in the loss of vital records services revenues from federal agencies.
1/14/2020 Michael Mayes Kimberly Koppsch-Woods Tamara Weaver
MDHHS - Free Range PMO
MDHHS - Enterprise PMO - [10038] MIVINE3 Upgrade
This project will upgrade MIVINE to the VINE 3 platform to modernize the architecture and provide enhancements to the user experience.
10/18/2019 Kristin Baker Judy Odett James McCurtis
MDHHS - Free Range PMO
MDHHS - Enterprise PMO - Crime Victims Compensation Claim Management System
The Crime Victim Services Commission is upgrading the technology of their existing production system.  The project will be utilizing a COTS solution currently in place with the State of Iowa’s Crime Victims with modifications to support Michigan specific integration requirements.  Customization of the COTS product will be kept to a minimum.
7/22/2019 Kristin Baker Judy Odett James McCurtis
MDOC - Department of Corrections
MDOC - Corrections Offender Management System (COMS) Project
The Michigan Department of Corrections (MDOC) seeks to replace and/or modernize multiple aging legacy information automation systems. The desired result would be one modern commercial off the shelf/SaaS system that is modular in design and includes at least all current case management functionality in MDOC’s current legacy systems. This migration and modernization project would include standardization and automation of its statewide correctional business processes related to all MDOC institutions and community supervision.
11/30/2022 Darren Elliott James Rice Heidi Washington
MDOT - Department of Transportation
MDOT - AASHTOWare Project - CMI
This project will implement the web based AASHTOWare Project - Construction/Materials (AP-CM) system into production and lay the groundwork to eventually retire the legacy, client/server based applications, i.e. FieldManager (FM), Contract Administration System (CAS), FieldNet (FN) and FieldBook (FB).  The project includes user acceptance testing, development and testing of 26 interfaces, developing, testing, and implementing a materials acceptance process, execution of MDOT's Business Change Management Plan developed in the AP-CM analyses and preparation project, and a phased implementation.  It also includes the addition of MDOT's local and private sector business partners to the State network as they will use the single instance of AP-CM.
10/31/2019 Deb Mosher John Kalanquin Kim Avery, Myron Frierson, Jason Gutting, Brad Wieferich
MDOT - Department of Transportation
This project will migrate the current Administrative Customizable Reporting System (ACRS) application to the Statewide Monitoring and Reporting Tool (SMART).
7/12/2019 Jeff Beasley Jeff LaBean Todd White
MDOT - Department of Transportation
MDOT - Geographic Framework Migration Modernization
This year was the last that we will receive Annual Migration data file deliverables from CSS/MGF, each year several of our legacy systems require this data in support of the annual migration processes. This project is to ensure the legacy systems continue to receive the necessary data file information in order to continue the annual update. The same data file information will need to be delivered from either MDOT Roads and Highways or CSS.  At a high level, the project will require analysis of the required files, generation of the data in the same format and content as today, testing the legacy annual migration processes with data from the new sources.
8/31/2019 Andrea Galatian John Kalanquin Andy Esch
MDOT - Department of Transportation
MDOT - Grade Crossing Management System
This legacy FoxPro project is to replace and combine the current GCMS and Order Compliance Tracking System (OCTS) software to provide a more flexible and extendable inspection system. Converting GCMS and OCTS to one system will reduce data redundancy, make better use of departmental resources and ease the exchange of information with other databases within MDOT and, possibly, with federal agencies.
9/30/2019 Valerie Baldus John Kalanquin / Mark Burrows Mike Kapp
MDOT - Department of Transportation
MDOT - PFC Modernization
PFC Modernization is a legacy PowerBuilder desktop client/server application used by approximately 400 MDOT Users.  MDOT would like to replace the application with a browser based system to reduce time, cost, and problematic desktop deployments.  The current application is in PowerBuilder.  There is a lack of system documentation so the project will include system analysis to determine requirements. The project will retire the client server PowerBuilder application and provide MDOT with a new solution.
4/30/2019 Briana Till Dave Work Myron Frierson
MDOT - Department of Transportation
MDOT - Traffic Data Management System (TDMS)
Modernize the department's traffic collection, monitoring, estimation and reporting software from the TDMS suite of 20+ legacy applications.  This is a candidate for a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solution.
5/31/2019 Jeff Beasley John Kalanquin Todd White
MDOT - Department of Transportation
MDOT - Traffic Data Management System Phase 2
Modernize the department's traffic collection, monitoring, estimation and reporting software from the TDMS suite of 20+ legacy applications.  This is a candidate for a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solution.
6/26/2022 Valerie Baldus John Kalanquin Todd White
RFP for the real estate division to obtain a COTS solution and legacy modernization initiative.  Lease Administration and Project Portfolio Management of lease licenses, easements, land and state-as-lessor data and related projects.  iTRAC # C20141212-153842.
8/4/2017 Jarrod Barron Buyer: Jarrod Barron Troy Bos
TREA - Bureau of Bond Finance
TREA - (SAF-092) New Scholarships and Grants payment system
Replace current failing legacy Student Financial Aid System administering Scholarships and Grants to students and colleges across the state with a configurable off-the-shelf solution.  The solution will also provide data comparisons for legislative decision-makers on the impact of these awards and fund utilization.
12/13/2019 Raja Ramaswamy Lucy Pline Cindy Peruchietti
TREA - DS Department Services
TREA - (DS-008) Treasury Datacap - DCR Replacement
Treasury's Data Operations section is looking to use existing Datacap to replace the DCR (Data Capture Retrieval) system.  Datacap will use Optical character recognition (OCR) ( data capture software to capture and extract information from 300,000 tax documents per year for creation of index fields on these documents.  The index fields are currently keyed by Data Operations staff.  This project will allow 7800 hours of resources to be dedicated to other, new imaging projects.
9/30/2019 Majed Younes Lucy Pline Kristen Robel
TREA - DWT Department Wide Technology
TREA - (DWT-106) Modernizing TreasLAN
TreasLAN security system is a Single Sign On (SSO) solution for more than 45 applications (37 web and 11 .Net/Delphi/Windows) applications and more than 50 batch programs. There are several components of this application using legacy technologies.  The design and architecture do not meet the current security and application development standards. This system needs to be modernized and redesigned to support current and future Treasury application needs. The recommended features include a new design and architecture to support current and future web/mobile/windows applications; use server/service for token management; web services interface for Authentication as a Service to allow integration with other .Net applications (like Java); administration application for provisioning, authorization and role management; reports and integration of related batch programs; reports based on centralized logging information to debug or analyze production issues; migrate existing applications to use this new design/solution.
7/26/2019 Rafat Zaghloul Lucy Pline Beth Spencer
TREA - DWT Department Wide Technology
The purpose of this project is to replace two of Treasury’s major legacy systems – Individual Income Tax (IIT) and Garnishment and Levy (GAL) – through the procurement and implementation of a Commercial off the Shelf (COTS) product. A vendor contract will be awarded via the Request for Proposal (RFP) process.
3/5/2021 Jeremy Newman Lucy Pline Ann Good
TREA - DWT Department Wide Technology
TREA M - E (DWT-080) SAP Automated Test Tools
The Treasury Automation project is a groundbreaking project for SAP Test Automation in the State of Michigan.  The capability and technology will enable the Treasury agency and DTMB to perform more and faster software testing in addition to removing thousands of hours of manual execution.
1/15/2019 Heather Amos Lucy Pline Melissa Hatfield
TREA - EP Economic Policy (Tax Policy and ORTA)
TREA - E (EP-101) Hearings Tracking System (HTS) Salesforce Replacement
To enter into a contract for license to install and use Salesforce as a hearings file management and document management replacement for the Hearings Tracking System (HTS) currently being used by Treasury’s Hearings Division.
7/11/2019 Jamie Carnell Lucy Pline Debbie Lange
TREA - SAF State and Authority Finance
TREA - (SAF-018) Munex Replacement
System replacement for Munex.  Munex is an unsupported legacy system that is used to track over $3.6 billion of loans, bonds and grants.
9/27/2019 Raja Ramaswamy Lucy Pline Philip Trapp
TREA - TC Tax Compliance Bureau
TREA - (TC-169) Case-Project Management BPRI
This is for assistance with a BPRI and possible RFP that will enable us to replace our current toolset with one which is able to integrate with a number of Department tools and systems while assisting staff with non-compliance selection, handle audit case and project management, assist in the collection of taxpayer information, and facilitate the use of external data, adhoc table creation and ad-hoc or dynamic querying of specific case analysis resulting in increased productivity, increased taxpayer compliance, as well as increase our efficiency and fraud prevention. This candidate will need support for things like the creation of the SOW and network configuration information. Additional information on where the tool might need to reside, consideration of FTI restrictions, and may need to answer RFP vendor questions that only DTMB would have information on (like SUITE). It could also be assisting the setup of the new tool on a server. A lot depends on the chosen vendor and their solution.
9/30/2019 Majed Younes Lucy Pline Mark Bolen
TREA - TP Tax Processing Bureau
TREA - (TP-361) - Contact Center Program
The overall goal of this Program is to modernize Treasury's Contact Center infrastructure and applications including IVR, Phones, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system and customer portal. Multiple vendors and systems are involved in this program.
8/31/2020 Vinod Surapaneni Lucy Pline Scott Lonberger
TREA - TP Tax Processing Bureau
TREA - E (TP-383) Business Tax Medical Marihuana
The TP-383 Business Tax Medical Marihuana project is to implement an automated process for collecting the Medical Marihuana Facilities (MMF) Excise Tax (3% excise tax on gross sales receipts) from provisioning centers in the State of MI using the existing Michigan Treasury Online (MTO) portal as the front end and SAP as the backend system.

The new MMF functionality will allow medical Marihuana facilities tax payers the ability to log in to MTO and submit their return and payment for the 3% excise tax.  This functionality will allow Treasury the ability to provide information to other state agencies monitoring the payment of the excise tax for delinquency.

Additionally, this project will contribute to the following Treasury objectives:

1. Mandate MTO for MMFs to file and pay their quarterly 3% excise tax

2. Increase the number of businesses registered for MTO

3. Increase the percentage of online filers

4. Increase positive responses to the MTO user surveys

5. Increase Treasury processing efficiencies
9/28/2018 Raja Ramaswamy Lucy Pline Amy Garcia
WDA - Workforce Development Agency
TED - TIA - WDA - WARN Database Replacement
Migrate the current database from Access to SQL, Create an HTML front end and Connect to OSMIS to use employer codes for WARN (Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notifications).  The scope is to include TAA (Trade Adjustment Act) petitions and rapid response from the Dept of Labor to automate and integrate Unemployment and Michigan Works agency in effort to better assist dislocated Michigan workers.
12/31/2019 Jeff Powell Nancy Palmateer Brian Marcotte