Civil Rights
  • Department of Civil Rights

    Measuring Performance

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  • Vision

    The Department of Civil Rights works to prevent discrimination through educational programs that promote voluntary compliance with civil rights laws and investigates and resolves discrimination complaints. It also provides information and services to businesses on diversity initiatives, and equal employment law.


    The Michigan Department of Civil Rights (MDCR) envisions Michigan as a state where residents and visitors:
    • Live, learn, work and play without encountering unlawful discrimination;
    • Enjoy constitutional and statutory guarantees of equal opportunity;
    • Fully understand all civil rights and responsibilities guaranteed by the constitution and statutes, including how to effectively protect those rights and carry out these responsibilities;
    • Fully understand the economic, social and personal benefits of effectively managing and embracing diversity;
    • Have equal access to quality education, employment, housing, public accommodations and public services; and
    • Are equally respected and collectively enjoy the benefits of our great diversity.