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  • State Budget Office

    Measuring Performance

    Review performance levels and trends by downloading the current SBO Scorecard.
  • Vision

    We will make the State of Michigan one of the most innovative, efficient and responsive governments in the world


    We recommend, implement, and maintain a balanced state budget; we promote sound financial management and strong internal controls; and we provide comprehensive, accurate and useful information to decision-makers and the public in order to enable Michigan's reinvention.


    As men and women of integrity, we adhere to the State of Michigan's values of leadership, excellence and teamwork.

    Goals and Strategies

    Customer Service Excellence: Provide top quality, cost-effective services and information, enabling our partners to achieve their goals

    Operational Efficiency: Manage taxpayer dollars effectively and efficiently

    Accountability & Performance: Ensure sound decision making and operational excellence through transparent and consistent use of metrics

    Expertise & Commitment: Create an environment for employees and teams to gain the knowledge, skills and resources to get the job done

    Shared Services: Drive cost savings and better government through shared services

    Innovation & Leadership: Solve today's problems and reinvent Michigan