• Michigan State Housing
    Development Authority

    Measuring Performance

    Review performance levels and trends by downloading the current MSHDA Scorecard.
  • Mission

    The Michigan State Housing Development Authority partners to provide homes and preserve places for the people of Michigan.


    Strategic Goals

    MSHDA’s mission is defined and dedicated to three major goals that call for specific tangible objectives.


    Goal #1: Building Financial Solvency to Advance Mission

    Planning for growth is a fundamental element of any successful organization, but not traditionally a practice common within governmental agencies. Most state agencies are highly dependent on legislative appropriations for year-to-year programmatic operational revenues. MSHDA’s revenues are not dependent on state legislative approval. MSHDA has been called unique among divisions of state government because of its proven track record of making wise investments that have generated operating revenue that helps support its social mission.


    Goal #2: A Roof for Every Homeless Veteran

    In 2015, just over 4,400 veterans experienced homelessness, a 21% reduction from the previous year. During this time about 2,800 (64%) of these veterans were placed in permanent housing while another 400 veterans were housed in transitional housing. These numbers mean that 3,200 of Michigan’s homeless veterans had a place to call home. While that’s a good start, it is not good enough.


    Goal #3: Improving the Customer Experience

    MSHDA’s customers are stakeholders, contractors, program participants, Michigan residents and the 341 staff that provide services on behalf of the Authority. Too many times, an organization will only see its customers as external. Without improving satisfaction from within, though, repeated failures and shortcomings will continue to be projected externally.

    If you have questions, or would like more information, please contact MSHDA.