DTMB hiring process now more efficient

The Department of Technology Management and Budget (DTMB) Human Resource team partnered with Office of Organizational Performance Management (OPM) facilitators, hiring managers, and liaisons to streamline their hiring process.

“We all left this workshop with a greater appreciation and understanding of each area's role in the hiring process," said Frank Russell, DTMB human resources director.

The team members participated in a comprehensive Lean Process Improvement (LPI) – identifying steps in the current hiring process that needed improvement. The changes made during the LPI created a more efficient interview and selection process at DTMB and reduced the time it takes from initiating to closing a job requisition by 26 percent.

The following are changes the DTMB HR team made to the hiring process that were fully implemented in September:

  • Creation of an automated hiring manager checklist for initiating the hiring process, including pre-approvals. The completed checklist will reduce delays by minimizing the back-and-forth between HR and the hiring manager.
  • Hiring managers are able to create their own interview guides using questions that will help them with selecting the best candidate. Behavior-based, situational, or a mix of both can be used. Competency based questions are also still available.
  • NeoGov requisition tracking tool allows hiring managers to monitor the progress of their requisitions, as well as eliminate the need for duplicating work in two systems.
  • NeoGov approval paths have been streamlined. With senior management pre-approval included in the hiring manager checklist, hiring managers now make the final approvals.

Team members who participated in the process included James Bense, Tony Carter, Stephanie Epps, Renell Goerge, Kristen Hampton, Kelli Hower, Jerry Keeder, Jon Koepke, Kalpana Kumar, Cathy Lane, Sarah Locke, Cindy Peters, Ryan Rennier, Manny Rosales, Kemal Tekinel, Bianca Torres, Shawn Vaughn, Pam Ward and Carrie Williams. Sponsors were DTMB Chief Deputy Director Brom Stibitz and HR Director Frank Russell.  Facilitators were Pam Kenney and Adam Helm.

“Representatives from DTMB’s HR team and hiring managers from every part of DTMB all joined together to make this LPI a reality. It opened up great dialogue between the two groups. They were able to come up with improvements that -worked well for both of them,” said Pam Kenney of DTMB-OPM. “They have a lot to be proud of.”

For more information about the new features in the hiring process, visit the Human Resources site on Inside DTMB.