• ​​​​​Annually, the Office of Performance and Transformation (OPT) hosts the Continuous Improvement Awards to recognize excellence in process improvement that resulted from the state’s LPI methodology. There are five awards given to teams to celebrate their innovation and commitment to improvement.


    The Classic Award: This award goes to teams that have substantially improved their process without the use of technology.​

    ​The Turbo Award: This award recognizes the best process improvement implemented in under ninety days.

    The Formula 1 Award: This award recognizes the best process improvement engineered with the use of metrics.

    The PACE Award: This award recognizes a team that has set the pace for process improvement in Michigan.

    The People’s Choice Award: This award, which is voted on by State of Michigan employees, recognizes the most popular project of the year.


    Classic Award​

    ​This award was presented to the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services' Active Treatment Team. Over the last two Psychosocial Rehabilitation Service cycles, all patients at the hospital were scheduled for a minimum of 15 hours of therapeutic group activity; there is now a total of 31 hours of group treatment available each week; and there's a 66 percent increase in scheduled group treatment.​


    Turbo Award

    ​This award was presented to the Michigan State Housing Development Authority's Housing Choice Voucher and Case Compliance Team. There was a 66 percent reduction in wait time for hearing dates requested from the MI Administrative Hearing System, hearing requests were submitted 66 percent faster for participants, and the case backlog was reduced by 70 percent in four months.​


    Formula 1 Award

    This award was presented to the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development's Farmland Preservation Processing Team. The Farmland and Open Space Preservation Program preserves farmland from being developed into non-agricultural uses. The team's enhancements to this program have resulted in reduced customer wait times by six weeks; a 250 percent increase in the total number of documents processed monthly; the conversion fro​​m a paper driven system to a paperless system; and improved response times for inquiries by 90 percent.​​

  • PACE Award

    This award was presented to the Michigan Department of Transportation's Effective Solutions for Improved Performance Team ​for expanding lean training in the department by 40 percent, leading seven team building and seven strategic planning projects, and for having a 92 percent customer satisfaction rate for sessions and 99 percent satisfaction rate for facilitators.​​

  • People's Choice Award

    Out of 11 finalists, the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs' Office of Process Reengineering and Optimization Team won with 23 percent of the vote. This team provided a 73 percent increase in departmental processes reviewed compared to 2017, a 37.5 percent increase in total internal Lean Process Improvement (LPI) projects requested and initiated from 2017, and a 36.4 percent increase in projects that were streamlined before technology was applied to the process.


    OPT typically accepts submissions for the RPM Awards starting in July, with the award ceremony held in September. Specifics of next year’s awards will be announced. 

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