OPT Training Programs

  • The Office of Performance and Transformation's training for employees and managers is evolving and growing. In addition to these formal programs below, OPT assists with employee engagement, performance management and strategic planning across state government. We continuously listen and learn from employees, working together to focus quality training opportunities where the need is greatest. All training programs are designed to empower employees, managers and executives to create lasting change, ongoing innovation and a stronger government for our citizens.

  • Institute for Leadership Fitness Institute for Leadership Fitness

    The State of Michigan recognized that strong and effective leadership skills are needed to support, lead and sustain the reinvention of our government and improve the delivery of services to the citizens of Michigan. The Office of Good Government targeted leadership development as a response to the feedback provided through the employee engagement survey.

  • Davenport Davenport University

    Davenport's discounted tuition rate is available to all State of Michigan employees, including limited-term statues employees, student assistants and laid off employees with an Employee Departure Report. Michigan Economic Development Corporation employees and Michigan Public Health Institute employees also qualify. Employees can save up to 60 percent per credit hour. Contract employees and dependents of state employees receive a 25 percent discount. 

  • Cleary University Cleary University

    At Cleary University, State of Michigan employees and eligible family members can earn professional certificates and degrees through an affordable approach to online learning through the Cleary Company Education Opportunity (C.E.O). The C.E.O. provides access to Cleary University's nationally recognized business programs for 50 percent or more off standard tuition rates. 

  • Walden U Walden University

    Walden University is now partnering with the State of Michigan, offering a 10 percent tuition reduction to employees. Plus, additional grants may be available for those who choose to advance their education with Walden.

  • CMU Small Central Michigan University

    Central Michigan University (CMU) now offers State of Michigan employees a 15 percent enrollment incentive. All state employees, contractors, and their spouses and dependents under age 24 are eligible to receive 15 perfect off the tuition rate of bachelor's and master's degree programs taken at CMU satellite locations or online. There are 10 satellite locations across the state, including East Lansing, Detroit, and Grand Rapids.