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    The State of Michigan provides a retirement benefit for all former members of the Michigan National Guard (Army or Air) who have served a minimum of 19 years, 6 months and 1 day of active National Guard service in the State Defense Forces and Michigan National Guard. Compensation will be at the rate of $600 annually ($50 per month) beginning at age 55 or the effective date of application, whichever is later. Active members of the Michigan National Guard may not draw it.


    Under current state law, the retirement benefit is not automatic. Individuals must submit a written application using Retirement Application R0941D. The application may be submitted up to three months before separation from the Michigan National Guard or up to three months before turning age 55, if no longer a member of the Michigan National Guard. ORS will contact DMVA for the applicant's separation orders.

    The state retirement benefit is not retroactive. Retirement pay for personnel discharged after age 55 will be effective the first of the month following discharge. If a member is no longer in the Michigan National Guard and files after age 55, it will go in effect the first of the month after their completed application is received.

    State retirement pay is in addition to any retirement pay received from the Federal Government (i.e., Retired Reserve pay). State retirement pay is not subject to state income tax from the State of Michigan, but it is subject to federal income tax.

    A survivor benefit is provided to spouses of Michigan National Guard service members who qualify for state retirement pay. A surviving spouse is eligible for a monthly payment of $41.67 per month until their death. To apply for this benefit, the surviving spouse should apply with the Application for Retirement for Spouses and must furnish a copy of the death certificate, survivor's birth certificate, and marriage certificate.

    For more information and answers to questions on retirement benefits for Michigan military retirees, click here to download the Military Retirement Handbook for Military Retirees. This handbook outlines benefits and privileges for both the state and federal retirement plans. State military retiree information begins on page 13.