• Available Benefits

    As a vested member of the Michigan State Police Retirement System, you can look forward to a monthly retirement pension benefit for your lifetime.


    Here is an overview of the different pension benefits available to you or your survivors depending on your situation.

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You qualify for a full retirement at any age with 25 years of service.


If you leave state police employment with ten or more years of service, but fewer than 25 years of service, you will qualify for a deferred retirement at age 50.
You may qualify for a disability pension if you become permanently disabled while a member of this retirement system. The retirement system offers two types of disability pensions, duty and nonduty.
Your spouse or children may qualify for a nonduty or duty preretirement survivor pension if you die before retiring.
If you die as a retiree, your pension plan provides coverage for your surviving spouse and/or your children under age 18.