Board Members

A nine-member Board oversees the State Police Retirement System administration. The Governor appoints four of the Board members to represent active and retired State Police Retirement System members. Five Board members serve by virtue of their offices in state government. Upon expiration of a term a member may continue to serve, at the pleasure of the governor, until a successor is appointed.


Board Member Representing
Julian Darden General Public
Molly Jason Attorney General, ex officio
Cheryl Schmittdiel Director, Office of the State Employer, ex officio
Retired Inspector Diane Bockhausen
Term expires December 31, 2020
Ann Marie Storberg State Treasurer, ex officio
Detective Sergeant Mitchell Stevens, Vice Chair
Term expires December 31, 2018
Sergeant and below
Capt. Greg Zarotney
for Colonel Kriste Etue
Director, Dept. of State Police, ex officio
Craig Murray Deputy Auditor General, ex officio
Inspector Steve O’Neill​, Chair
Term expires December 31, 2019
Lieutenant and above
Anthony Estell, Executive Secretary