Survivor Option Factor Lookup


If you elect a survivor option when you apply for retirement, your pension will be reduced throughout your lifetime; however, upon your death your pension continues for the lifetime of your survivor pension beneficiary.

The amount by which your pension will be reduced depends on your age, the age of your designated beneficiary, and the option factor you choose at retirement.

The pension illustration is based on a 55-year old retiree, a 65-year old beneficiary and the projected pension amount is $22,000.

Survivor Payment Option Straight Life Monthly Pension Survivor Option Factor Monthly Pension Amount Survivor Monthly Pension
50% Survivor Option $1,833.33 0.9750 $1,787.50 $893.75
75% Survivor Option $1,833.33 0.9380 $1,719.66 $1,289.75
100% Survivor Option $1,833.33 0.9180 $1,683.00 $1,683.00






The Survivor Option Factor Lookup tool provides a numerical value used to determine the reduced pension amount. To use the tool:

1. Enter your projected retirement age

2. Enter the projected age of your potential pension beneficiary

3. Click the button to view the option factors

The tool is for informational purposes only. To estimate your pension and see how these survivor options would look based on your estimated pension amount, log in to miAccount and use the Estimate Pension tab on the left.



Survivor Option Factor Lookup

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