Early Reduced Calculator with 1.25% Pension Factor

Use this calculator to estimate pension scenarios using the Early Reduced provision. Basic and MIP members can take an early reduced retirement as early as age 55 if they have at least 15 (but less than 30) years of service. With early reduced, your pension amount is permanently reduced by one-half of one percent (.5%) for each month and fraction of a month you take your pension before age 60. Be sure to check the eligibility rules for an early reduced retirement to see if you qualify.

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The calculator assumes that:


  • You're working full time and will earn a full year of service credit each year until you retire. This cannot be changed.
  • You will earn a very modest increase in wages between now and the time you retire (1 percent per year). You can increase or decrease this percentage under Advanced Options.
  • The rate of return for your future contributions will be 5 percent. This can be changed in Advanced Options.

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Enter your information:
Estimated Service Credit Total at Retirement:

The tables below detail your results. Remember that the actual amounts can vary; the results below are just estimates. In addition to the estimated retirement income below, you should also consider other ways to increase your retirement income, like investing in a retirement savings account.

Estimated Results:
Estimated Early Reduced Pension
Age at Retirement Service at Retirement Annual Pension Monthly Pension
. . . .
* This is the estimated annual pension income you'd receive with the straight life pension option. If you choose a survivor option, your annual pension income will be slightly less.
** The amounts above are calculated using whole numbers and don't include tenths of a year that you may have worked, which would be used in your final pension calculation.
*** The early reduced provision permanently reduces your pension amount by one-half of one percent for each month and fraction of a month you take your pension before age 60(6 percent per year).