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    When you retire, you and your eligible dependents have the option of enrolling in retiree group insurance plans. Your life insurance continues, but at a reduced face value. 


    If you leave under a deferred retirement, you can enroll in the health, prescription drug, dental, and vision group insurance plans when you begin receiving your pension at age 60, but you won't be eligible for the group life insurance.

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When your retirement application is processed, we forward your insurance information to the health, prescription drug, dental, and vision insurance carriers. You should receive insurance identification cards and materials a few weeks after your pension begins.
As a retiree, your state-sponsored life insurance continues for you and your dependents at no charge to you. Your coverage is 25 percent of the coverage you carried when you left work; your dependents' policies are capped at $1,000 each.
Effective July 1, 2013, Prudential will no longer accept new applications for Long-Term Care (LTC). For questions about your LTC insurance through Prudential, call 800-732-0416, or visit the Prudential website. For questions about your LTC insurance through MetLife, call 800-438-6388.
Eligible dependents for health, dental, and vision insurance plans include your spouse (as long as he or she is not also separately enrolled as an eligible state employee or retiree) and your unmarried children by birth, legal adoption, or full legal guardianship.
The Benefits for Life, the retiree-paid, optional coverage program offered through the state of Michigan offers you the opportunity to apply for coverage in key benefit areas. These offerings do not replace your state-sponsored benefit plans. Instead, the program offers additional financial protection with premiums payable through the convenience of pension deduction. Because the plans are optional, you can customize your coverage by choosing from a range of plans that offer a combination of benefits and features that can help meet your personal and family insurance needs.