Market Master Information


  • To register as a new market master, fill out the on-line registration form.
  • Returning Market Masters should sign in on the registration page and update the information as well as do the current year Certification Questions. 
  • All coupons must be submitted for reimbursement no later than November 15, 2021.

Market Masters may represent themselves exclusively or may also represent other farmers. They collect the Senior Project FRESH/Market FRESH coupons that are redeemed by participants and after assuring that the correct information is on the coupons, send them in for reimbursement.

All Market Masters and farmers who represent themselves must register/update on a yearly basis.  It is not automatic.   Please note:  You cannot receive reimbursement unless you are registered for the current year. 

Market Masters are responsible for educating all the farmers they represent on the policies, rules and procedures of Senior Project FRESH/Market FRESH. All information about how Senior Project FRESH/Market FRESH operates can be found in the Market Master Guidebook.

Market Masters must:

  • Register as a State of Michigan vendor to receive reimbursement for coupons
  • Register with the Michigan DHHS Aging and Adult Services Agency
  • Have a farmer-market agreement in place for each farmer they are representing
  • Assign each farmer they represent a number (may be the same as WIC) and send in the farmers name and contact info, along with the number, to the DHHS Aging and Adult Services Agency.
  • New Market Masters must participate in at least one conference call during the season to learn about the program and how to participate.  (This is a USDA requirement).
  • Submit a 2021 Batch Cover Sheet with your coupons.  You will receive a Batch Cover Sheet when you register.
  • Display a sign that says, "Senior Project FRESH/Market FRESH Welcome Here"  Need signs? Contact our office at: for free laminated signs, or download the sign and print yourself.

Downloadable Market Master Materials