Michigan Public Employees SEIU Local 517M Scientific & Engineering Bargaining Unit and the State of Michigan effective January 15, 2014 through December 31, 2015


Scientific and Engineering Unit & State of Michigan Contract, January 15, 2014 through December 31, 2015 or view by individual article below: 

Article 1: Preamble 

Article 2. Purpose and Intent 

Article 3. Recognition 

Article 4. Dues Deduction and Service Fee 

Article 5. Secondary Bargaining and Work Rules 

Article 6. Labor Management Conferences 

Article 7. Disciplinary Procedure and Personnel Files 

Article 8. Employee Counseling 

Article 9. Grievance Procedure 

Article 10. Union Rights 

Article 11. Seniority 

Article 12. Layoff and Recall 

Article 13. Transfer 

Article 14. Non-Discrimination 

Article 15A. Education and Professional Development 

Article 15B. Professional Development Fund 

Article 16. Professional Fees and Subscriptions 

Article 17. Travel Expense Reimbursement 

Article 18. Relocation Expense Reimbursement 

Article 19. Hours of Work and Overtime 

Article 20. Paid Holidays 

Article 21. Paid Annual Leave 

Article 22. Paid Sick Leave 

Article 23. Unpaid Leave 

Article 24. Fringe Benefits and Insurances 

Article 25. Compensation 

Article 26. Compensation Under Conditions of General Emergency 

Article 27. Deferred Compensation 

Article 28. Flexible Compensation Plan 

Article 29. Working Out of Class 

Article 30. Management Rights 

Article 31. No Strike/No Lockout 

Article 32. Sub-Contracting 

Article 33. Integrity of the Bargaining Unit 

Article 34. Joint Labor-Management Activities 

Article 35. Drug and Alcohol Testing 

Article 36. Miscellaneous 

Article 37. Duration and Termination of Agreement 


Letters of Understanding