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Monthly Surface Water System Monitoring

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Monthly Surface Water System Monitoring

In April 2019, EGLE began monthly sampling of Public Water Supplies sampled during Phase I of the Statewide PFAS Sampling Survey which utilize surface water as a source. This sampling will be done for six months and will help determine if there are changes in PFAS levels for these 65 supplies over time, due to their use of surface water as a source.

In addition to PFAS testing for these 65 supplies, EGLE will collect and analyze samples for select cyanotoxins related to harmful algal blooms (HABs), to investigate whether these surface water sources are being affected. This testing program is being conducted by the EGLE Drinking Water and Environmental Health Division Community Water Supply Section. The results of this initiative will be provided by that group, once results become available.

NOTE: The population of the Saginaw-Midland Water Supply (WSSN 05880) includes those populations served by Au Gres, Linwood Metropolitan District, Omer, Sims-Whitney Utilities Authority, Standish, Bay Area Water System, Midland, and Saginaw. 

  • One part per trillion equals one drop in 20 swimming pools

    Definitions of the information provided in the sampling results tables:

    • Population Served: The number of individuals served by the water supply.
    • Sample Date: The date samples were taken at the water supply.
    • Sample Number: The identification number that corresponds to the sample taken.
    • Raw Water or Treated Drinking Water: The location where the water sample was collected. If the table shows “Raw Water” the sample was taken directly from the well or water source. If the table shows “Treated Drinking Water” the sample was taken after the water passed through treatment system(s) the water supply has in place.
    • PFOA + PFOS (ppt): The amount of PFOA and PFOS added together.
      • If the results listed is “ND” the lab did not detect, or find, that PFAS was in the water sample.
    • Total Tested PFAS (ppt): The amount of all PFAS chemicals that were tested added together.
      • If the results listed is “ND” the lab did not detect, or find, that PFAS was in the water sample.
    • Method: The laboratory method used for analyzing the samples. For more information, please visit the Frequently Asked PFAS Questions Page.

    *Results are provided in parts per trillion. A part per trillion (ppt) is the equivalent of 1 drop of water in 20 Olympic-size swimming pools

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Download the Monthly Monitoring dataset