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Independence Township Area of Interest (Independence Township, Oakland County)

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Content posted April 2023.

EGLE Site Lead

Emily Bertolini, or 517-614-6316.


All of Independence Township’s public water supply wells have been sampled for PFAS.  When PFAS was first detected in one of the wells—called the Clarkston Gardens Well—the well was taken offline and no longer used as a source of drinking water. One other well in the Chestnut Hills area later had detections and was also taken offline. 

The most likely source of PFAS in the area is an old, unlined landfill.  In the spring of 2023, the Township reached out to MPART to help coordinate sampling of groundwater monitoring wells and residential wells near the old landfill.

Groundwater is assumed to flow to the south/southwest towards Park Lake.  Residential wells sampling will start with homes closest to the landfill.

Independence Township map

VAP means Vertical Aquifer Profiling, which is a method of collecting shallow groundwater samples.  Residential well sampling will be done starting at homes closest to the landfill. This sampling started in March / April 2023.

Drinking Water Information

Municipal water is available in portions of the township.  In addition, the township received $5.18 million in funding to extend watermains to homes in the affected area.  That grant was awarded in calendar year 2022.

In April 2023, the Township hired a contractor to sample private drinking water wells, starting with homes closest to the landfill. Sampling of private wells will continue outward from the landfill if the results suggest the need to do so. 

Anticipated Activities

MPART will work with the township on the residential well sampling effort and may conduct additional residential well sampling to fill in the gaps.  An appropriate health response based on the results (e.g., perhaps filters) will be coordinated by MPART, working with the township and local health department.