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CALMAC Ice Bank Thermal Storage

Project Information

Department Name Technology, Management & Budget
Facility Name SOM Energy Center, Flint and Saginaw state office buildings
Project Name CALMAC Ice Bank Thermal Storage System
Completion Date 2012
Project Cost Unknown
Savings (in $) $12,000 per month in energy costs
Impact/Significance Produces 1 MW energy storage. That’s equivalent to the amount of energy used by 330 homes in one hour.
Project Summary Installed thermal cylinders to produce a cost-effective energy source for cooling 13-buildings on the SOM secondary campus. The cylinders contain a coolant solution that is frozen during off-peak hours resulting in reduced electricity prices by nearly 50%. During peak (daytime) hours, chilled water is circulated through the cylinders and distributed to buildings which trims about $12,000 per month off energy cooling costs
Additional Information