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Detroit Re-entry Correctional Facility

Project Information

Department Name Department of Corrections
Facility Name Detroit Re-entry Correctional Facility
Project Name LED Lighting Project
Completion Date August 2019
Project Cost $37,000-materials only.  Labor provided by facility staff.
Savings (in $) $7,909 annually and 65,909 kWh of annual energy use
Payback Period/ROI 4.6 years
Project Summary

This project was completed through the agency's Energy Matching Funds program that was designed to assist facilities with energy savings projects performed by maintenance staff in each facility location.  This project installed LED interior lighting throughout the Detroit Re-entry Correctional Facility, saving 65, 909 kWh of energy used, annually.

Each facility project selected by the Matching Funds program required an energy savings payback of less than 10 years and normally a 50% procurement match from the facility.

Additional Information