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Warehouse, branches

Project Information

Department Name Department of State
Facility Name Warehouse, branches
Project Name Supply Surplus
Completion Date Ongoing
Project Cost  
Savings (in $)  
Impact/Significance Cut costs on supply orders
Project Summary

We developed the Surplus Supply closet from having a cleanup week, relocation at the branches and local office recycling.  All MDOS offices sent supplies that they no longer needed (new and used) to the Warehouse.  A list of all supplies was made, took pictures and posted on our MDOS web page.  Before anyone orders from Staples they check the MDOS page and if its available they submit an order.  Since July 2019 we’ve filled over 50 orders of supplies and furniture for our local offices and branches.

We’ve also taken parts of old supplies and used them for something else.  There was a request for a large plastic piece to go over a pricing chart on their counter -cost would have been $20.  We disassembled an old picture and used the plastic – cost $0

Staff also took the time to contact departments that could use some of the supplies. Adding machine tape was sent by branch offices that didn’t use anymore, Cashier dept was contacted and they took over 50 rolls of tape.

Additional Information