1.03.05: Online certification by the web user

As a reporting unit web user, you are required to report accurate wage, hour, and contribution information for your employees each pay period. After certain account-related transactions (i.e., updating your user profile, creating a new user account, or resetting a password), a Wage and Contribution Reporting Certification screen will ask you to certify that you are in compliance with the provisions of PA 300 of 1980 and all the instructions in this Reporting Instruction Manual. When you click the I agree button at the bottom of the screen you are certifying that you're reporting accurately as explained in this manual. See section 12.01: Creating a web user ID and password.

In addition, before the final steps of submitting a retirement report, a screen will ask you to verify your report's accuracy by comparing your current report totals with the totals of the preceding report. This gives you the opportunity to agree with the totals and continue, or disagree and go back. See section 7.01.03: Populating and submitting reports.