1.05 Retirement detail reports and records

Each reporting unit must submit a retirement detail report to ORS each pay period that includes payroll data from your reporting unit. You may use a vender to create your reports that you will upload to ORS, or you may be able to copy forward a new report from the previously posted report or create a blank report in which you will enter data manually. See section 7.01.03: Populating and submitting reportsfor instructions on these three ways to create and submit your report. If you upload your report data, the file must be in the format required for ORS retirement reporting. If you use the copy forward or data entry methods, you will be editing and/or adding individual records each pay period.

Reports consist of header and footer information (about the report as a whole) and detail records for members. Each member may have several records on a report, depending on what must be reported for that member.

Each report is made up of the following four types of records:

Detail 1 (DTL1) - Member Demographics
ORS depends on your reporting unit for accurate and complete demographic information for your active employees. This includes social security number, name, address, date of birth, and gender. This detail record also allows you to report a change in employment status such as termination.

Detail 2 (DTL2) - Wage and Service
All active employees and most retirees who return to work will have one or more DTL2 records for each pay cycle report. It will show all reportable compensation, service (hours worked) and the related member and/or employer contributions due based on the reportable compensation. For those with the Defined Contribution plan and some retirees, employers make contributions on a DTL2 record although no member contributions are due.

Detail 3 (DTL3) - TDP Deductions
DTL3 records report tax-deferred payment (TDP) deductions for employees who have active or open TDP agreements with your reporting unit. TDP agreements were frequently used for the purchase of service credit. Instructions for TDP agreements are found in Chapter 10.

Detail 4 (DTL4) - Defined Contribution and Personal Healthcare Fund information
DTL4 records report the gross wages and DC contributions for employees in the Defined Contribution Plan, Pension Plus, Pension Plus 2, or the Personal Healthcare Fund. Gross wages are defined differently than reportable compensation.

When ORS receives the data in these detail records, the system runs it through a batch process of edits and validations to make sure the information is being reported in the correct format, and then posts the valid information to the member accounts. The reporting unit is responsible for working on each report until all records are valid and posted.