7.02 Detail records (DTL1, DTL2, DTL3, DTL4) overview

A retirement report is a collection of detail records. This section and its subsections provide an overview of how to complete the four types of detail records. Section 1.05: Retirement detail reports and records describes each of the record types, and this section provides instructions for completing each record type.

Detail 1 - Member Demographics (DTL1) records:

Detail 2 - Wage and Service (DTL2) records:

Detail 3 - TDP Deductions  (DTL3) records:

Detail 4 - DC Contributions (DTL4) records:

All record types are important, but DTL2 and DTL4 records will appear on every report. Every member you report will have a DTL2 on most reports during the school year. Every employee with a defined contribution (DC) component (every qualified participant) will have a DTL4 record on most reports during the school year.

DTL1 and DTL3 records are needed only occasionally for any employee.