7.06.03: Completing DTL1 records for new employees

The first time you report a new employee (whether they are new or existing members of the retirement system), include a Detail 1 - Member Demographics (DTL1) record on your report. Whenever you submit a DTL1 record for a new employee for the first time, you must also submit a DTL2 record and a DTL4 record for the member on the same payroll report. See 7.05.06 Adding, editing, or deleting records in an unposted report.

The following DTL1 record fields are required:

  • SSN (Social Security number).
  • Name (First Name, Last Name).
  • Complete street address (use up to three address lines).
  • State.
  • Zip-1 (five-digit ZIP code).
  • Country.
  • Date of birth (formatted MMDDYYY).
  • Gender.

The following DTL1 record fields are optional:

  • Old SSN: leave blank.
  • Middle Name (or middle initial).
  • Zip - 2 (optional +4 digits).
  • Name change indicator: leave blank.
  • Province:  leave blank unless employee address is in Canada.
  • Postal Code: leave blank unless employee address is in another country.
  • Status Date: leave blank.

Note: Any data in the Province or Postal Code fields for a USA address will cause the record to be invalid as the fields are for foreign addresses only. An invalid or incomplete DTL1 record will suspend, causing the DTL2 and DTL4 records to also suspend.

Reports with DTL1 records for new members will need to be accepted twice. (See section 7.01.07: Accepting a report). The DTL1 record must post before a DTL2 record or DTL4 record related to the DTL1 record will post. The first time you accept your report, the DTL1 record will post if the record is valid. You will need to accept the report a second time to post the DTL2 and DTL4 records.

To add a DTL1 record to a report after the report has been submitted, see section 7.05.06: Adding, editing, and deleting records in an unposted report