7.06.03: Using the Error Download Detail Link


1. Click on the Work on Reports link on the left navigation bar.
  Screenshot of the Employer Website highlighting the Work on Reports link.
2. Locate report under the Unposted Reports Header. Click on the edit link.
  Screenshot of the Work on Retirement Details Report screen with the Edit column hi
3. Click on the Error Download Detail link near the top of the page.
  Screenshot of the Edit Report screen with Error Download Detail highlighted. Selec


4. When you click on the Error Download Detail link, all of your error messages for that individual report will be shown. ORS suggests that you copy this data into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet as it is easier to sort or filter, and will also allow you to save the report.
5. You may want to use this report to:
  • Sort by Error Type to find all of your ORG Fixes, then by Message Type to find your flagged error messages.
  • Sort by the Error Messages which will group like error messages together.


Spreadsheet showing error download detail.


Last updated: 09/13/2015