4.03.05: Summary of NSI, Reference, Disclaimer

The Retirement System must apply the definition of compensation found in MCL 38.1303a to the total amount paid to a member by a reporting unit. We use the Reporting Instruction Manual to provide information to reporting units regarding application of this definition.

Reference: Public School Employees Retirement Act 300 of 1980, MCL 38.1303a

DISCLAIMER - The information provided here discusses the definition of compensation found in MCL 38.1303a. However, should there be any discrepancy between this information and MCL 38.1303a, the statute governs.

Please note: reportable and nonreportable “compensation” is defined in MCL 38.1303a and only applies to active MPSERS members. For information on reporting earnings for retirees please see section 9.01: Earnings of Retirees Who Return to Work.

Last updated: 02/10/2017