4.08.01: Additional Duties

These types of salary increases are intended to provide additional compensation to employees who have taken on additional duties and responsibilities (not resulting from an increase in volume of the same duties), yet not enough to warrant reclassification to a higher-grade level or a different title.  Additional duties are retirement reportable compensation if both the following criteria are met:

  • The additional duties taken on are not compensated for in the normal base salary.
  • The payment is not resulting from an increase in volume of the same duties.

An example of reportable additional duties is a payroll officer assuming supervisor responsibilities for office staff during an unexpected leave by the school business official. An example of a nonreportable increase in volume of the same duties is the ISD adding a Young 5 program, and the payroll officer now processing payroll for 20 additional employees.  Please contact ORS if you have any questions about the reportability of a payment.

The increase in compensation that results from payment cannot exceed the 4.03.00: Normal Salary Increase (NSI).

Please note: reportable and nonreportable “compensation” is defined in MCL 38.1303a and only applies to active MPSERS members. For information on reporting earnings for retirees please see section 9.01: Earnings of Retirees Who Return to Work.

Last updated: 11/1/2018