7.01.01: Overview of the Reporting Process

Payroll reporting consists of five basic steps. Some of these steps may have to be repeated to complete the process:

  1. Upload, copy forward, or manually enter a payroll report on the Employer Reporting Web site.
  2. After the report has run through the validations and edits (an overnight process), work the report to make all records valid. (The report may have to go through edits and validations more than once.)
  3. Verify that the totals on the report for number of employees, gross wages, retiree wages, DB & DC employer contributions, DB & DC member contributions and Tax-Deferred payments are correct. Never perform step 4 until these totals are satisfactory.
  4. Accept the payroll report to post the data to the member accounts.
  5. Make payment to ORS for the contributions due.

Last updated: 04/13/2012