7.04.04: View/Verify Report Totals

It is important to always verify your retirement detail report totals before accepting a report to post wages and service to a member’s account. Once a report has posted the final contribution totals are due to ORS even if they do not agree with your in-house accounting records. Making sure the totals are correct before you accept a report could save you shortfall and interest fees.

You can view your totals immediately after copying forward or using the empty report/data entry method. If you upload your report, you must wait to view your totals until the next day after the report has run through the overnight batch process. This gives you the option of deleting your report and starting over if your totals are grossly off.

You will want to view your report totals each time you edit and/or accept your report as well.

Report Totals can be found on the View Report Totals Page. To find this page log into the employer reporting website and click on Work On Reports. Locate the report for which you want to check totals. On an unposted report click on the View Totals/Accept link in the View Totals column. For a posted report, click on the View Totals link in the View Totals Column. Remember that the totals on a posted report cannot be changed, they are for viewing only at this stage.

Screenshot of the Work on Retirement Detail Reports screen, showing the Unposted R

When looking at the View Report Totals screen, keep the following in mind:

  • Verify your employee count in the Summary Information section This number should match the number of employees for whom you are submitting wages. If it doesn’t match, you should be able to account for the difference. 

Screenshot of the View Report Totals screen with Total Reported Employees highligh

  • In the lowermost section, verify that the grand totals match your in-house reports.

Screenshot of the View Report Totals screen with grand totals highlighted. Verify

  • Your combined total posted and unposted wages should match the gross wages on your in-house payroll for wages and retiree wages, or you should be able to account for the difference.
  • ORS calculates the correct DB member and employer contribution amounts. Make sure they agree with your figures as this is the amount due to ORS. It may not match the member contribution amounts you have calculated. Sometimes this is due to a rounding difference, sometimes the amount is calculated incorrectly on your side. ORS is calculating contributions for a new to MPSERS employee at the Pension Plus 2 until the new employee makes an election or defaults to the DC plan. Once ORS receives and processes the election, ORS will post the contribution amounts calculated by our system to each employee’s account. If there are differences, these differences will need to be reconciled in your payroll program. The Download Detail link report provides a person-by-person accounting of any difference between the member and employer contribution amounts you have reported and the ORS calculation. See section 7.04.05 Using the Download Detail Link for more information.
  • The DC member and employer calculations are provided by your reporting unit through the DTL4 records. Verify that the totals match exactly the amount needed for all of your employees who have DC benefit plan and/or Personal Healthcare Fund contributions. If the totals are off you could be missing a DTL4 record or maybe have over or under reported contribution amounts on the DTL4 record.
  • The total TDP deduction amount should match your payroll TDP deductions exactly.

Last updated: 02/01/2018