7.06.00: Viewing Your Report/Finding Flagged, Suspended and Bad Format Records

Whether you upload, copy forward or use the empty report/data entry method to populate your retirement detail report, ORS runs it through an overnight edits and validations program. This program identifies records that do not pass the ORS basic edits and validations.

After it runs through the overnight process, your retirement detail report has one of two statuses.

  • Added – Your report is newly created; or the report has been created and processed and at least 95 percent of the records on the report passed the ORS basic edits and validations.
  • Suspended – More than 25 percent of the records on your report did not pass the ORS basic edits and validations.

Records that do not pass the edits and validations process are also labeled.

  • F (flagged record) – The record doesn’t necessarily contain an error, but it merits further review. Please look at all flagged records to verify that the information is correct.
  • S (suspended record) – The record contains one or more errors. You must correct/edit this record before it will post.
  • B (bad format record) – The record is badly formatted. You must correct/edit the formatting before the record will post.

These records are further labeled to help you determine which ones you are able to edit.

  • ORG Fix – You can correct the error preventing this record from posting.
  • In Queue – This record is waiting for a previous pay period’s record to post and does not require any action at this time
  • On Hold – This suspended record cannot currently be resolved by the reporting unit.

There are several ways to see which records have errors. For more information see sections 7.06.01: Using the Edit Link, 7.06.02: Using the Edit Report Link and 7.06.03: Using the Error Download Detail Link.

Last updated: 11/28/2012