7.08.00: Accepting and Posting a Report

A retirement detail report must be accepted in order to post any wages and service to a member’s account. Changes that need to be made to any DTL records should be made before accepting the report. Once a DTL record has posted it cannot be changed on that report. Once a report is 100% posted it can never be reopened.

After you load a report, you have the opportunity to review your totals and make certain everything is correct before we post information to individual member accounts. When you accept a report, records go through the basic validations and edits batch program and also through the posting edits batch program. Records that do not need further review will post to the members’ accounts if the report’s number of suspended records totals 25% or less. Any records that still need review and editing will stay on your edit report. You may have to accept a report more than once to post 100% of your DTL records.

A report can be accepted prior to the end date of the report. However, the records on that report will not post until at least the end date of the report. See section 7.08.01: Reviewing Your Totals/Accepting the Report before accepting your report for posting.

Last updated: 12/30/2015