7.08.01: Reviewing Your Totals/Accepting the Report


1. Log into the Employer Reporting website and click on the View Totals/Accept link under the View Totals column.
  Screenshot of the Work on Retirement Detail Reports screen with View Totals/Accept
2. On the View Report Totals screen, verify the report totals match your payroll totals. Verify your employee count. Verify the total TDP deduction amount. Verify regular and retiree wages and verify employer and employee contribution totals for both DB and DC.
  Screenshot of the View Report Totals screen. Verify totals.
3. If you are ready to accept your retirement detail report, click on the ACCEPT button at the bottom of your screen.
  Screenshot of the Accept and Unaccept buttons.
4. You will get a validation screen that looks like this. This validation page will make it easy to compare the totals for your current report to the report totals for your preceding report. You can see at a glance if there are large differences or reporting gaps between the two reports, and you‘ll be able to fix your report before any records are allowed to post.
  Screenshot of the Validation screen.
5. Once you are satisfied that your current report totals are correct, click on the I Agree button. The report will be accepted, and you will receive a report acceptance confirmation. If you are not satisfied that the current report totals are correct, click on the I Disagree button. You will be taken back to the View Reports Total page, and the report will remain unaccepted.

Reports can only be accepted using the Accept button on the View Report Totals screen. Clicking the Done button on an individual record does not accept a report. When you accept a report, the Status column on the Work on Reports screen will change from Added or Suspended to Accepted.

When the Work on Reports screen indicates Yes in the Accepted Report column it means that you have accepted this report at least once, though not necessarily today. If the word Accepted appears in the Status column, then the report was accepted today.

You may need to accept a report more than once. If you are editing records and you are ready to have the record post to the members’ accounts, you will need to accept the report to allow the records to post. You may still have records on that report that need editing.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Once you have accepted your retirement detail report and any records have posted, you will not be able to delete the entire report for correction or resubmission.

Last updated: 04/13/2012