Reporting Employees New to your Reporting Unit

Before reporting wages and service for the first time for an employee new to your reporting unit you must check the Member Benefit Plan link on the employer reporting web site to find out if the new employee is already a MPSERS member or is new to the MPSERS system. See section 6.02 Determining Member Benefit Plan.

Include a DTL1 (demographic) record on the payroll report where wages for this employee are reported for the first time. See section 7.11.01 Detail One (DTL1) Demographics. Follow the information displayed on the Member Benefit Plan screen and report wages and contributions on DTL2 and/or DTL4 records as dictated by the benefit plan displayed for this employee. To view a table of all benefit plan and healthcare rates see section 6.03.06 Contribution Rates.

The New Employee Reporting Process e-learning module takes you through the retirement plan election process, and shows you how to report your new employees.

New Hire Process module


New Employee Reporting Process


Last updated: 02/01/2018