7.11.01: Detail One (DTL1) Demographics

The first time you report a new employee, or need to change existing demographic information for a current employee, you will include a Detail 1 (DTL1) demographic record on your report. Never submit a DTL1 demographic record for a new hire for the first time without also submitting a DTL2 – Wage and Contribution record on the same payroll report.

In many cases, your reporting software may automatically add the DTL1 record through your regular retirement detail report. If you copy forward or data-enter your payroll report, you may need to add the DTL1 record manually. Either way it is important to remember that when submitting a DTL1 record, all of the demographic data fields must be completed. This includes social security number, name, complete street address, state, zip code, country, date of birth, and gender. The fields for Postal Code and Province should only be populated if the address is outside of the USA. Data in either of these fields for a USA address will cause the record to be invalid. An incomplete DTL1 record will suspend, causing the DTL2 record to also suspend.

NOTE: The DTL1 record must post before a DTL2 record related to the DTL1 record will post. The first time you accept your report the DTL1 record will post if the record is valid. You will need to accept the report a second time to post the DTL2 (wage) record.

The following steps show you how to add a DTL1 record to your report after it has been submitted: 

1. Click on the Work on Reports link on the left navigation bar.
  Screenshot of the Employer Home Page. Click the Work on Reports link.
2. Click on the edit link next to the report to which you wish to add a DTL1 record.
  Screenshot of Work on Reports screen with Edit link highlighted.
3. Enter the social security number of the member you wish to add and click the Add or Edit Record button.
  Screenshot of Add or Edit Member screen with SSN field highlighted.
4. In the box titled Add New Record, click on radio button for Detail 1 – Member Demographics. Then click the Add New Record button.
  Screenshot of Add/Edit Member screen - DTL 1 radio button and Add New Member butto
5. Fill in the screen fields and click on the SAVE button at the bottom of the screen.
  Screenshot of Detail 1 record

After you have initially submitted name and address information for a member, you only need to send a DTL1 record when a name or address changes.  

Last updated: 08/16/2013