7.11.02: Changing or Adding Demographic Data for an Existing Member

ORS depends on your reporting unit for accurate and complete demographic information for your active employees. This includes social security number, name, address, date of birth, and gender. Every time we receive a DTL1 record, we check to see if it matches the member’s existing account information for the Social Security number used on the DTL1 record. If the name on the DTL1 record does not match the member’s account, you will receive a flagged error message on the DTL1 record. (The same flagged error message will appear on the DTL2 record for the same member.)

It is imperative that these flag error messages be reviewed. It is possible to be reporting an employee with a social security number that has already been used for another employee and the information on your records will overwrite our database and the wage and service data could be lost for one employee and incorrectly added to the account for another.

If the name on the DTL2 record is correct, but not the same as the name on the member’s account and you are certain the SSN is correct, you should manually add a DTL1 record to change the name on the ORS database. If a DTL1 record is not submitted to change the name on the member’s account, all future DTL2 records using the name will flag.

Sometimes employees work in multiple reporting units. Occasionally, the reporting units will use different versions of the employee’s name on DTL1 records. This will cause the ORS database to change with every posted DTL1 record. If you find DTL1 or DTL2 records are repeatedly receiving the flag error messages you may want to encourage your employees to make sure each of their prospective employers has their correct name to avoid this problem.

For instructions on how to manually add a DTL record, see section 7.07.01: Adding Records to a Report.

Last updated: 04/13/2012