7.21.04: Common DTL4 Error Messages

The table below lists the most common error messages received on DTL4 record suspended or flagged records. Also included are instruction on how to fix the errors to put the record in valid status so the record will post to the member’s account.

Error Message How to Fix
B – Employer DC Contribution Percent is not numeric. Enter the percent as a decimal. 
Example: 2% = 2.00
S – Status change reason code must be given for the given status change date. The Status Change Reason code and Status Change Date fields should only be populated if the employee is leaving your reporting unit. If there is data in the Status Change Date field there must also be data in the Status Change Reason code field. Either enter data in the Status Change Reason code field or delete the data in the Status Change Date field.
S – Status change reason code is not valid. The Status Change Reason code is blank. Use the drop down box to populate field.
S – This member's ORS account is missing one or more of the following data elements: First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, Address and/or Gender. If this is a new employee to your reporting unit or to the MPSERS system a DTL1 – Demographic record must be posted before the DTL4 record will post. After the DTL1 record is posted, save this record and after the batch process runs the error message will be removed. OR verify that the SSN is correct for the employee being reported.
S – Employee contribution percentage should be a whole integer. An employee contribution amount must be in whole integers such as 3% or 4% but not 3.5%. Enter percent correctly as 3.00 or 4.00.
S – Record has reported gross wages or DC contributions, but the contribution percentage is not present. Both the Member DC % and Employer DC Match Percent % fields must be populated on both regular and adjustment DTL4 records. Populate both % fields but enter a dollar amount only in the field(s) that needs adjustment.
S – The member has been reported DTL4 record more than once with overlapping begin and end dates. ORS needs only one DTL4 record per report begin and end date. If you reported an employee with two DTL2 records but for the same begin and end date you only need one DTL4 record for the total wages reported.

Example: Two DTL2 records for the begin and end dates of 9/3/2011 – 9/16/2011 with different class codes for a total of $1500.00 in reportable wages. Use one DTL4 record for the total wages. Combine the amounts onto one record and delete the others.

If you have multiple DTL4 records for multiple pay periods, the begin and end dates overlap. Check each record to see where the begin/end dates overlap and correct the dates on the records with overlapping time frames.
S – DC Record Type is invalid for DTL4 record. If the data on your report upload for the DC record type was anything other than 01, 05 or 06 our system defaulted the record type on your DTL2 record to 01 – Regular. That data is visible but the data on the upload was invalid. Use the drop-down box to select a valid record type, even if you have to reselect 01 – Regular.
S – The original reported wages record is not posted. This error message appears on a negative adjustment DTL4 record when it cannot find an original DTL4 record posted OR when you have already posted a regular DTL4 record or positive adjustment DTL4 record for the same date on the same report on which your negative adjustment appears.

Delete the record from the report if the wages were never reported. Delete the record from the current report and add it to a later report if you already posted an adjustment DTL4 record for this time period on the same report.
S – Negative Adjustment reported wages is greater than previously posted wages. Make sure the begin and end date of the adjustment DTL4 record match the begin and end dates of the original DTL4 record. (Use the View Employee Info Screen.) If not matching, make corrections on the suspended adjustment record.

Make sure there is a posted original DTL4 record and that the amount being subtracted is not more than what was reported.
S – Negative Adjust contribution is greater than previously posted contribution. Using the View Employee Info screen, verify that the amount begin subtracted on the suspended negative adjustment record is equal to or less than the original amount posted.
S DTL4 record submitted for a Non-Pension Plus plan or Non-Pension Plus 2 member. The account for this SSN on the ORS database is not coded as Pension Plus or Pension Plus 2. Verify that the SSN on the suspended record is correct. If it is correct, delete the DTL4 record and refund any money taken in error back to the employee. If the SSN is incorrect, change it on the suspended record and check the status after batch has run again.

Last updated: 02/01/2018